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Waistafziz mani istataAAtaminhum bisawtika waajlib AAalayhim bikhaylika warajlikawasharik-hum fee al-amwali waal-awladiwaAAidhum wama yaAAiduhumu alshshaytanu illaghurooranواستفزز من استطعت منهم بصوتك واجلب عليهم بخيلك ورجلك وشاركهم في الاموال والاولاد وعدهم ومايعدهم الشيطان الا غرورا
[YA]: "Lead to destruction those whom thou canst among them, with thy (seductive) voice; make assaults on them with thy cavalry and thy infantry; mutually share with them wealth and children; and make promises to them." But Satan promises them nothing but deceit.

[RK]:"You may entice them with your voice, and mobilize all your forces and all your men against them, and share in their money and children, and promise them. Anything the devil promises is no more than an illusion.

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