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Warawadat-hu allatee huwa fee baytihaAAan nafsihi waghallaqati al-abwaba waqalat haytalaka qala maAAatha Allahi innahu rabbee ahsanamathwaya innahu la yuflihu alththalimoonaوراودته التي هو في بيتها عن نفسه وغلقت الابواب وقالت هيت لك قال معاذ الله انه ربي احسن مثواي انه لايفلح الظالمون
[YA]: But she in whose house he was, sought to seduce him from his (true) self: she fastened the doors, and said: "Now come, thou (dear one)!" He said: "Allah forbid! truly (thy husband) is my lord! he made my sojourn agreeable! truly to no good come those who do wrong!"

[RK]:The lady of the house where he lived tried to seduce him. She closed the doors and said, "I am all yours." He said, "May GOD protect me. He is my Lord, who gave me a good home. The transgressors never succeed."

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