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Allatheena kanat aAAyunuhumfee ghita-in AAan thikree wakanoo layastateeAAoona samAAanالذين كانت اعينهم في غطاء عن ذكري وكانوا لايستطيعون سمعا
[YA]: (Unbelievers) whose eyes had been under a veil from remembrance of Me, and who had been unable even to hear.

[RK]:They are the ones whose eyes were too veiled to see My message. Nor could they hear.

Laqad kunta fee ghaflatin min hathafakashafna AAanka ghitaaka fabasarukaalyawma hadeedunلقد كنت في غفلة من هذا فكشفنا عنك غطاءك فبصرك اليوم حديد
[YA]: (It will be said:) "Thou wast heedless of this; now have We removed thy veil, and sharp is thy sight this Day!"

[RK]:You used to be oblivious to this. We now remove your veil; today, your vision is (as strong as) steel.

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