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Wamathalu allatheena kafarookamathali allathee yanAAiqu bima la yasmaAAuilla duAAaan wanidaan summun bukmunAAumyun fahum la yaAAqiloonaومثل الذين كفروا كمثل الذي ينعق بما لايسمع الا دعاء ونداء صم بكم عمي فهم لايعقلون
[YA]: The parable of those who reject Faith is as if one were to shout Like a goat-herd, to things that listen to nothing but calls and cries: Deaf, dumb, and blind, they are void of wisdom.

[RK]:The example of such disbelievers is that of parrots who repeat what they hear of sounds and calls, without understanding. Deaf, dumb, and blind; they cannot understand.

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