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Turjee man tashao minhunna watu/weeilayka man tashao wamani ibtaghayta mimman AAazalta falajunaha AAalayka thalika adna an taqarraaAAyunuhunna wala yahzanna wayardayna bimaataytahunna kulluhunna waAllahu yaAAlamu mafee quloobikum wakana Allahu AAaleeman haleemanترجي من تشاء منهن وتؤوي اليك من تشاء ومن ابتغيت ممن عزلت فلا جناح عليك ذلك ادني ان تقر اعينهن ولايحزن ويرضين بما اتيتهن كلهن والله يعلم مافي قلوبكم وكان الله عليما حليما
[YA]: Thou mayest defer (the turn of) any of them that thou pleasest, and thou mayest receive any thou pleasest: and there is no blame on thee if thou invite one whose (turn) thou hadst set aside. This were nigher to the cooling of their eyes, the prevention of their grief, and their satisfaction - that of all of them - with that which thou hast to give them: and Allah knows (all) that is in your hearts: and Allah is All-Knowing, Most Forbearing.

[RK]:You may gently shun any one of them, and you may bring closer to you any one of them. If you reconcile with any one you had estranged, you commit no error. In this way, they will be pleased, will have no grief, and will be content with what you equitably offer to all of them. GOD knows what is in your hearts. GOD is Omniscient, Clement.

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