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Falamma ataha noodiyamin shati-i alwadi al-aymani fee albuqAAati almubarakatimina alshshajarati an ya moosa innee anaAllahu rabbu alAAalameenaفلما اتاها نودي من شاطئ الواد الايمن في البقعة المباركة من الشجرة ان ياموسي اني انا الله رب العالمين
[YA]: But when he came to the (fire), a voice was heard from the right bank of the valley, from a tree in hallowed ground: "O Moses! Verily I am Allah, the Lord of the Worlds....

[RK]:When he reached it, he was called from the edge of the right side of the valley, in the blessed spot where the burning bush was located: "O Moses, this is Me. GOD; Lord of the universe.

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