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Qala tazraAAoona sabAAa sineenadaaban fama hasadtum fatharoohu feesunbulihi illa qaleelan mimma ta/kuloonaقال تزرعون سبع سنين دابا فما حصدتم فذروه في سنبله الا قليلا مما تاكلون
[YA]: (Joseph) said: "For seven years shall ye diligently sow as is your wont: and the harvests that ye reap, ye shall leave them in the ear,- except a little, of which ye shall eat.

[RK]:He said, "What you cultivate during the next seven years, when the time of harvest comes, leave the grains in their spikes, except for what you eat.

Mithla da/bi qawmi noohin waAAadinwathamooda waallatheena min baAAdihim wamaAllahu yureedu thulman lilAAibadiمثل داب قوم نوح وعاد وثمود والذين من بعدهم وما الله يريد ظلما للعباد
[YA]: "Something like the fate of the People of Noah, the 'Ad, and the Thamud, and those who came after them: but Allah never wishes injustice to his Servants.

[RK]:"The opponents of Noah, and `Aad, Thamoud, and others who came after them. GOD does not wish any injustice for the people.

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