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Thumma lyaqdoo tafathahum walyoofoonuthoorahum walyattawwafoo bialbaytialAAateeqiثم ليقضوا تفثهم وليوفوا نذورهم وليطوفوا بالبيت العتيق
[YA]: "Then let them complete the rites prescribed for them, perform their vows, and (again) circumambulate the Ancient House."

[RK]:They shall complete their obligations, fulfill their vows, and visit the ancient shrine.

Lakum feeha manafiAAu ilaajalin musamman thumma mahilluha ila albaytialAAateeqiلكم فيها منافع الي اجل مسمي ثم محلها الي البيت العتيق
[YA]: In them ye have benefits for a term appointed: in the end their place of sacrifice is near the Ancient House.

[RK]:The (livestock) provide you with many benefits for a period, before being donated to the ancient shrine.

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