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Ya ayyuha allatheena amanooanfiqoo min tayyibati ma kasabtum wamimmaakhrajna lakum mina al-ardi wala tayammamooalkhabeetha minhu tunfiqoona walastum bi-akhitheehiilla an tughmidoo feehi waiAAlamoo anna Allahaghaniyyun hameedunياايها الذين امنوا انفقوا من طيبات ماكسبتم ومما اخرجنا لكم من الارض ولاتيمموا الخبيث منه تنفقون ولستم باخذيه الا ان تغمضوا فيه واعلموا ان الله غني حميد
[YA]: O ye who believe! Give of the good things which ye have (honourably) earned, and of the fruits of the earth which We have produced for you, and do not even aim at getting anything which is bad, in order that out of it ye may give away something, when ye yourselves would not receive it except with closed eyes. And know that Allah is Free of all wants, and worthy of all praise.

[RK]:O you who believe, you shall give to charity from the good things you earn, and from what we have produced for you from the earth. Do not pick out the bad therein to give away, when you yourselves do not accept it unless your eyes are closed. You should know that GOD is Rich, Praiseworthy.

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