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Waothkur akha AAadinith anthara qawmahu bial-ahqafiwaqad khalati alnnuthuru min bayni yadayhi waminkhalfihi alla taAAbudoo illa Allaha inneeakhafu AAalaykum AAathaba yawmin AAatheeminواذكر اخا عاد اذ انذر قومه بالاحقاف وقد خلت النذر من بين يديه ومن خلفه الاتعبدوا الا الله اني اخاف عليكم عذاب يوم عظيم
[YA]: Mention (Hud) one of 'Ad's (own) brethren: Behold, he warned his people about the winding Sand-tracts: but there have been warners before him and after him: "Worship ye none other than Allah: Truly I fear for you the Penalty of a Mighty Day."

[RK]:Recall that the brother of `Aad warned his people at the dunes - numerous warnings were also delivered before him and after him: "You shall not worship except GOD. I fear for you the retribution of a great day."

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