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Humu allatheena kafaroo wasaddookumAAani almasjidi alharami waalhadyamaAAkoofan an yablugha mahillahu walawla rijalunmu/minoona wanisaon mu/minatun lam taAAlamoohum antataoohum fatuseebakum minhum maAAarratun bighayriAAilmin liyudkhila Allahu fee rahmatihi man yashaolaw tazayyaloo laAAaththabna allatheenakafaroo minhum AAathaban aleemanهم الذين كفروا وصدوكم عن المسجد الحرام والهدي معكوفا ان يبلغ محله ولولا رجال مؤمنون ونساء مؤمنات لم تعلموهم ان تطؤوهم فتصيبكم منهم معرة بغير علم ليدخل الله في رحمته من يشاء لو تزيلوا لعذبنا الذين كفروا منهم عذابا اليما
[YA]: They are the ones who denied Revelation and hindered you from the Sacred Mosque and the sacrificial animals, detained from reaching their place of sacrifice. Had there not been believing men and believing women whom ye did not know that ye were trampling down and on whose account a crime would have accrued to you without (your) knowledge, (Allah would have allowed you to force your way, but He held back your hands) that He may admit to His Mercy whom He will. If they had been apart, We should certainly have punished the Unbelievers among them with a grievous Punishment.

[RK]:It is they who disbelieved and barred you from the Sacred Masjid, and even prevented your offerings from reaching their destination. There were believing men and women (within the enemy camp) whom you did not know, and you were about to hurt them, unknowingly. GOD thus admits into His mercy whomever He wills. If they persist, He will requite those among them who disbelieve with a painful retribution.

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