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Qad makara allatheena min qablihimfaata Allahu bunyanahum mina alqawaAAidifakharra AAalayhimu alssaqfu min fawqihim waatahumualAAathabu min haythu la yashAAuroonaقد مكر الذين من قبلهم فاتي الله بنيانهم من القواعد فخر عليهم السقف من فوقهم واتاهم العذاب من حيث لايشعرون
[YA]: Those before them did also plot (against Allah's Way): but Allah took their structures from their foundations, and the roof fell down on them from above; and the Wrath seized them from directions they did not perceive.

[RK]:Others like them have schemed in the past, and consequently, GOD destroyed their building at the foundation, causing the roof to fall on them. The retribution struck them when they least expected.

WajaAAalna alssamaasaqfan mahfoothan wahum AAan ayatihamuAAridoonaوجعلنا السماء سقفا محفوظا وهم عن اياتها معرضون
[YA]: And We have made the heavens as a canopy well guarded: yet do they turn away from the Signs which these things (point to)!

[RK]:And we rendered the sky a guarded ceiling. Yet, they are totally oblivious to all the portents therein.

Walawla an yakoona alnnasuommatan wahidatan lajaAAalna liman yakfuru bialrrahmanilibuyootihim suqufan min fiddatin wamaAAarijaAAalayha yathharoonaولولاان يكون الناس امة واحدة لجعلنا لمن يكفر بالرحمن لبيوتهم سقفا من فضة ومعارج عليها يظهرون
[YA]: And were it not that (all) men might become of one (evil) way of life, We would provide, for everyone that blasphemes against (Allah) Most Gracious, silver roofs for their houses and (silver) stair-ways on which to go up,

[RK]:If it were not that all the people might become one (disbelieving) congregation, we would have granted everyone who disbelieves in the Most Gracious mansions with silver roofs, and stairs upon which they could climb.

Waalssaqfi almarfooAAiوالسقف المرفوع
[YA]: By the Canopy Raised High;

[RK]:The exalted ceiling.

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