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Waman athlamu mimmani iftaraAAala Allahi kathiban aw qala oohiyailayya walam yooha ilayhi shay-on waman qalasaonzilu mithla ma anzala Allahu walaw taraithi alththalimoona fee ghamaratialmawti waalmala-ikatu basitooaydeehim akhrijoo anfusakumu alyawma tujzawna AAathabaalhooni bima kuntum taqooloona AAala Allahighayra alhaqqi wakuntum AAan ayatihitastakbiroonaومن اظلم ممن افتري علي الله كذبا او قال اوحي الي ولم يوح اليه شئ ومن قال سانزل مثل ماانزل الله ولو تري اذ الظالمون في غمرات الموت والملائكة باسطوا ايديهم اخرجوا انفسكم اليوم تجزون عذاب الهون بما كنتم تقولون علي الله غير الحق وكنتم عن اياته تستكبرون
[YA]: Who can be more wicked than one who inventeth a lie against Allah, or saith, "I have received inspiration," when he hath received none, or (again) who saith, "I can reveal the like of what Allah hath revealed"? If thou couldst but see how the wicked (do fare) in the flood of confusion at death! - the angels stretch forth their hands, (saying),"Yield up your souls: this day shall ye receive your reward,- a penalty of shame, for that ye used to tell lies against Allah, and scornfully to reject of His signs!"

[RK]:Who is more evil than one who fabricates lies and attributes them to GOD, or says, "I have received divine inspiration," when no such inspiration was given to him, or says, "I can write the same as GOD's revelations?" If only you could see the transgressors at the time of death! The angels extend their hands to them, saying, "Let go of your souls. Today, you have incurred a shameful retribution for saying about GOD other than the truth, and for being too arrogant to accept His revelations.

Fatharhum fee ghamratihim hattaheeninفذرهم في غمرتهم حتي حين
[YA]: But leave them in their confused ignorance for a time.

[RK]:Therefore, just leave them in their confusion, for awhile.

Bal quloobuhum fee ghamratin min hathawalahum aAAmalun min dooni thalika hum lahaAAamiloonaبل قلوبهم في غمرة من هذا ولهم اعمال من دون ذلك هم لها عاملون
[YA]: But their hearts are in confused ignorance of this; and there are, besides that, deeds of theirs, which they will (continue) to do,-

[RK]:Because their minds are oblivious to this, they commit works that do not conform with this; their works are evil.

Allatheena hum fee ghamratin sahoonaالذين هم في غمرة ساهون
[YA]: Those who (flounder) heedless in a flood of confusion:

[RK]:In their blundering, they are totally heedless.

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