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Qaloo ya shuAAaybu manafqahu katheeran mimma taqoolu wa-inna lanarakafeena daAAeefan walawla rahtukalarajamnaka wama anta AAalayna biAAazeezinقالوا ياشعيب مانفقه كثيرا مما تقول وانا لنراك فينا ضعيفا ولولا رهطك لرجمناك وماانت علينا بعزيز
[YA]: They said: "O Shu'aib! much of what thou sayest we do not understand! In fact among us we see that thou hast no strength! Were it not for thy family, we should certainly have stoned thee! for thou hast among us no great position!"

[RK]:They said, "O Shu`aib, we do not comprehend many of the things you are telling us, and we see that you are powerless among us. If it were not for your tribe, we would have stoned you. You have no value for us."

Qala ya qawmi arahteeaAAazzu AAalaykum mina Allahi waittakhathtumoohuwaraakum thihriyyan inna rabbee bimataAAmaloona muheetunقال ياقوم ارهطي اعز عليكم من الله واتخذتموه وراءكم ظهريا ان ربي بما تعملون محيط
[YA]: He said: "O my people! is then my family of more consideration with you than Allah? For ye cast Him away behind your backs (with contempt). But verily my Lord encompasseth on all sides all that ye do!

[RK]:He said, "O my people, does my tribe command a greater respect than GOD? Is this why you have been heedless of Him? My Lord is fully aware of everything you do.

Wakana fee almadeenati tisAAatu rahtinyufsidoona fee al-ardi wala yuslihoonaوكان في المدينة تسعة رهط يفسدون في الارض ولايصلحون
[YA]: There were in the city nine men of a family, who made mischief in the land, and would not reform.

[RK]:There were nine gangsters in the city who were wicked, and never did anything good.

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