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Hunafaa lillahi ghayramushrikeena bihi waman yushrik biAllahi fakaannamakharra mina alssama-i fatakhtafuhu alttayruaw tahwee bihi alrreehu fee makanin saheeqinحنفاء لله غير مشركين به ومن يشرك بالله فكانما خر من السماء فتخطفه الطير او تهوي به الريح في مكان سحيق
[YA]: Being true in faith to Allah, and never assigning partners to Him: if anyone assigns partners to Allah, is as if he had fallen from heaven and been snatched up by birds, or the wind had swooped (like a bird on its prey) and thrown him into a far-distant place.

[RK]:You shall maintain your devotion absolutely to GOD alone. Anyone who sets up any idol beside GOD is like one who fell from the sky, then gets snatched up by vultures, or blown away by the wind into a deep ravine.

FaiAAtarafoo bithanbihim fasuhqanli-as-habi alssaAAeeriفاعترفوا بذنبهم فسحقا لاصحاب السعير
[YA]: They will then confess their sins: but far will be (Forgiveness) from the Companions of the Blazing Fire!

[RK]:Thus, they confessed their sins. Woe to the dwellers of Hell.

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