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Qala araayta ith awaynaila alssakhrati fa-innee naseetu alhootawama ansaneehu illa alshshaytanuan athkurahu waittakhatha sabeelahu fee albahriAAajabanقال ارايت اذا اوينا الي الصخرة فاني نسيت الحوت وماانسانيه الا الشيطان ان اذكره واتخذ سبيله في البحرعجبا
[YA]: He replied: "Sawest thou (what happened) when we betook ourselves to the rock? I did indeed forget (about) the Fish: none but Satan made me forget to tell (you) about it: it took its course through the sea in a marvellous way!"

[RK]:He said, "Remember when we sat by the rock back there? I paid no attention to the fish. It was the devil who made me forget it, and it found its way back to the river, strangely."

Ya bunayya innaha in takumithqala habbatin min khardalin fatakun fee sakhratinaw fee alssamawati aw fee al-ardiya/ti biha Allahu inna Allaha lateefunkhabeerunيابني انها ان تك مثقال حبة من خردل فتكن في صخرة او في السماوات او في الارض يات بها الله ان الله لطيف خبير
[YA]: "O my son!" (said Luqman), "If there be (but) the weight of a mustard-seed and it were (hidden) in a rock, or (anywhere) in the heavens or on earth, Allah will bring it forth: for Allah understands the finest mysteries, (and) is well-acquainted (with them).

[RK]:"O my son, know that even something as tiny as a mustard seed, deep inside a rock, be it in the heavens or the earth, GOD will bring it. GOD is Sublime, Cognizant.

Wathamooda allatheena jaboo alssakhrabialwadiوثمود الذين جابوا الصخر بالواد
[YA]: And with the Thamud (people), who cut out (huge) rocks in the valley?-

[RK]:Also Thamoud, who carved the rocks in their valley.

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