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Falamma samiAAat bimakrihinna arsalatilayhinna waaAAtadat lahunna muttakaan waatat kulla wahidatinminhunna sikkeenan waqalati okhruj AAalayhinna falammaraaynahu akbarnahu waqattaAAna aydiyahunna waqulna hashalillahi ma hatha basharan in hathailla malakun kareemunفلما سمعت بمكرهن ارسلت اليهن واعتدت لهن متكئا واتت كل واحدة منهن سكينا وقالت اخرج عليهن فلما راينه اكبرنه وقطعن ايديهن وقلن حاش لله ماهذا بشرا ان هذا الا ملك كريم
[YA]: When she heard of their malicious talk, she sent for them and prepared a banquet for them: she gave each of them a knife: and she said (to Joseph), "Come out before them." When they saw him, they did extol him, and (in their amazement) cut their hands: they said, "Allah preserve us! no mortal is this! this is none other than a noble angel!"

[RK]:When she heard of their gossip, she invited them, prepared for them a comfortable place, and gave each of them a knife. She then said to him, "Enter their room." When they saw him, they so admired him, that they cut their hands. They said, "Glory be to GOD, this is not a human being; this is an honorable angel."

Qala ma khatbukunna ithrawadtunna yoosufa AAan nafsihi qulna hasha lillahima AAalimna AAalayhi min soo-in qalatiimraatu alAAazeezi al-ana hashasa alhaqquana rawadtuhu AAan nafsihi wa-innahu lamina alssadiqeenaقال ماخطبكن اذ راودتن يوسف عن نفسه قلن حاش لله ماعلمنا عليه من سوء قالت امراة العزيز الان حصحص الحق انا راودته عن نفسه وانه لمن الصادقين
[YA]: (The king) said (to the ladies): "What was your affair when ye did seek to seduce Joseph from his (true) self?" The ladies said: "Allah preserve us! no evil know we against him!" Said the 'Aziz's wife: "Now is the truth manifest (to all): it was I who sought to seduce him from his (true) self: He is indeed of those who are (ever) true (and virtuous).

[RK]:(The king) said (to the women), "What do you know about the incident when you tried to seduce Joseph?" They said, "GOD forbid; we did not know of anything evil committed by him." The wife of the governor said, "Now the truth has prevailed. I am the one who tried to seduce him, and he was the truthful one.

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