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Falamma jahhazahum bijahazihimjaAAala alssiqayata fee rahli akheehi thummaaththana mu-aththinun ayyatuha alAAeeruinnakum lasariqoonaفلما جهزهم بجهازهم جعل السقاية في رحل اخيه ثم اذن مؤذن ايتها العير انكم لسارقون
[YA]: At length when he had furnished them forth with provisions (suitable) for them, he put the drinking cup into his brother's saddle-bag. Then shouted out a crier: "O ye (in) the caravan! behold! ye are thieves, without doubt!"

[RK]:When he provided them with their provisions, he placed the drinking cup in his brother's bag, then an announcer announced: "The owners of this caravan are thieves."

Wais-ali alqaryata allatee kunnafeeha waalAAeera allatee aqbalna feehawa-inna lasadiqoonaوسال القرية التي كنا فيها والعير التي اقبلنا فيها وانا لصادقون
[YA]: "'Ask at the town where we have been and the caravan in which we returned, and (you will find) we are indeed telling the truth.'"

[RK]:`You may ask the community where we were, and the caravan that came back with us. We are telling the truth.' "

Walamma fasalati alAAeeru qalaaboohum innee laajidu reeha yoosufa lawla antufannidooniولما فصلت العير قال ابوهم اني لاجد ريح يوسف لولا ان تفندون
[YA]: When the caravan left (Egypt), their father said: "I do indeed scent the presence of Joseph: Nay, think me not a dotard."

[RK]:Even before the caravan arrived, their father said, "I can sense the smell of Joseph. Will someone enlighten me?"

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