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Walamma barazoo lijalootawajunoodihi qaloo rabbana afrigh AAalayna sabranwathabbit aqdamana waonsurnaAAala alqawmi alkafireenaولما برزوا لجالوت وجنوده قالوا ربنا افرغ علينا صبرا وثبت اقدامنا وانصرنا علي القوم الكافرين
[YA]: When they advanced to meet Goliath and his forces, they prayed: "Our Lord! Pour out constancy on us and make our steps firm: Help us against those that reject faith."

[RK]:When they faced Goliath and his troops, they prayed, "Our Lord, grant us steadfastness, strengthen our foothold, and support us against the disbelieving people."

Wama tanqimu minna illaan amanna bi-ayati rabbinalamma jaatna rabbana afrigh AAalaynasabran watawaffana muslimeenaوماتنقم منا الا ان امنا بايات ربنا لما جاءتنا ربنا افرغ علينا صبرا وتوفنا مسلمين
[YA]: "But thou dost wreak thy vengeance on us simply because we believed in the Signs of our Lord when they reached us! Our Lord! pour out on us patience and constancy, and take our souls unto thee as Muslims (who bow to thy will)!

[RK]:"You persecute us simply because we believed in the proofs of our Lord when they came to us." "Our Lord, grant us steadfastness, and let us die as submitters."

Atoonee zubara alhadeedi hattaitha sawa bayna alsadafayni qalaonfukhoo hatta itha jaAAalahu naran qalaatoonee ofrigh AAalayhi qitranاتوني زبر الحديد حتي اذا ساوي بين الصدفين قال انفخوا حتي اذا جعله نارا قال اتوني افرغ عليه قطرا
[YA]: "Bring me blocks of iron." At length, when he had filled up the space between the two steep mountain-sides, He said, "Blow (with your bellows)" Then, when he had made it (red) as fire, he said: "Bring me, that I may pour over it, molten lead."

[RK]:"Bring to me masses of iron." Once he filled the gap between the two palisades, he said, "Blow." Once it was red hot, he said, "Help me pour tar on top of it."

Waasbaha fu-adu ommimoosa farighan in kadat latubdee bihi lawlaan rabatna AAala qalbiha litakoonamina almu/mineenaواصبح فؤاد ام موسي فارغا ان كادت لتبدي به لولا ان ربطنا علي قلبها لتكون من المؤمنين
[YA]: But there came to be a void in the heart of the mother of Moses: She was going almost to disclose his (case), had We not strengthened her heart (with faith), so that she might remain a (firm) believer.

[RK]:The mind of Moses' mother was growing so anxious that she almost gave away his identity. But we strengthened her heart, to make her a believer.

Faragha ila alihatihimfaqala ala ta/kuloonaفراغ الي الهتهم فقال الا تاكلون
[YA]: Then did he turn to their gods and said, "will ye not eat (of the offerings before you)?...

[RK]:He then turned on their idols, saying, "Would you like to eat?

Faragha AAalayhim darban bialyameeniفراغ عليهم ضربا باليمين
[YA]: Then did he turn upon them, striking (them) with the right hand.

[RK]:He then destroyed them.

Faragha ila ahlihi fajaabiAAijlin sameeninفراغ الي اهله فجاء بعجل سمين
[YA]: Then he turned quickly to his household, brought out a fatted calf,

[RK]:He asked his family to prepare a fat calf.

Sanafrughu lakum ayyuha alththaqalaniسنفرغ لكم ايه الثقلان
[YA]: Soon shall We settle your affairs, O both ye worlds!

[RK]:We will call you to account, O humans and jinns.

Fa-itha faraghta fainsabفاذا فرغت فانصب
[YA]: Therefore, when thou art free (from thine immediate task), still labour hard,

[RK]:Whenever possible you shall strive.

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