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La yahzunuhumu alfazaAAual-akbaru watatalaqqahumu almala-ikatu hathayawmukumu allathee kuntum tooAAadoonaلايحزنهم الفزع الاكبر وتتلقاهم الملائكة هذا يومكم الذي كنتم توعدون
[YA]: The Great Terror will bring them no grief: but the angels will meet them (with mutual greetings): "This is your Day,- (the Day) that ye were promised."

[RK]:The great horror will not worry them, and the angels will receive them joyfully: "This is your day, that has been promised to you."

Wayawma yunfakhu fee alssoorifafaziAAa man fee alssamawati waman feeal-ardi illa man shaa Allahu wakullunatawhu dakhireenaويوم ينفخ في الصور ففزع من في السماوات ومن في الارض الا من شاء الله وكل اتوه داخرين
[YA]: And the Day that the Trumpet will be sounded - then will be smitten with terror those who are in the heavens, and those who are on earth, except such as Allah will please (to exempt): and all shall come to His (Presence) as beings conscious of their lowliness.

[RK]:On the day when the horn is blown, everyone in the heavens and the earth will be horrified, except those chosen by GOD. All will come before Him, forcibly.

Man jaa bialhasanatifalahu khayrun minha wahum min fazaAAin yawma-ithinaminoonaمن جاء بالحسنة فله خير منها وهم من فزع يومئذ امنون
[YA]: If any do good, good will (accrue) to them therefrom; and they will be secure from terror that Day.

[RK]:Those who bring good works (in their records) will receive far better rewards, and they will be perfectly secure from the horrors of that day.

Wala tanfaAAu alshshafaAAatuAAindahu illa liman athina lahu hattaitha fuzziAAa AAan quloobihim qaloo matha qalarabbukum qaloo alhaqqa wahuwa alAAaliyyu alkabeeruولاتنفع الشفاعة عنده الا لمن اذن له حتي اذا فزع عن قلوبهم قالوا ماذا قال ربكم قالوا الحق وهو العلي الكبير
[YA]: "No intercession can avail in His Presence, except for those for whom He has granted permission. So far (is this the case) that, when terror is removed from their hearts (at the Day of Judgment, then) will they say, 'what is it that your Lord commanded?' they will say, 'That which is true and just; and He is the Most High Most Great'."

[RK]:Intercession with Him will be in vain, unless it coincides with His will. When their minds are finally settled down, and they ask, "What did your Lord say," they will say, "The truth." He is the Most High, the Most Great.

Walaw tara ith faziAAoo falafawta waokhithoo min makanin qareebinولو تري اذ فزعوا فلا فوت واخذوا من مكان قريب
[YA]: If thou couldst but see when they will quake with terror; but then there will be no escape (for them), and they will be seized from a position (quite) near.

[RK]:If you could only see them when the great terror strikes them; they cannot escape then, and they will be taken away forcibly.

Ith dakhaloo AAala dawoodafafaziAAa minhum qaloo la takhaf khasmanibagha baAAduna AAala baAAdinfaohkum baynana bialhaqqi walatushtit waihdina ila sawa-ialssiratiاذ دخلوا علي داؤود ففزع منهم قالوا لاتخف خصمان بغي بعضنا علي بعض فاحكم بيننا بالحق ولاتشطط واهدنا الي سواء الصراط
[YA]: When they entered the presence of David, and he was terrified of them, they said: "Fear not: we are two disputants, one of whom has wronged the other: Decide now between us with truth, and treat us not with injustice, but guide us to the even Path..

[RK]:When they entered his room, he was startled. They said, "Have no fear. We are feuding with one another, and we are seeking your fair judgment. Do not wrong us, and guide us in the right path.

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