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Waqaloo hathihi anAAamunwaharthun hijrun la yatAAamuhailla man nashao bizaAAmihim waanAAamun hurrimatthuhooruha waanAAamun la yathkuroonaisma Allahi AAalayha iftiraan AAalayhisayajzeehim bima kanoo yaftaroonaوقالوا هذه انعام وحرث حجر لايطعمها الا من نشاء بزعمهم وانعام حرمت ظهورها وانعام لايذكرون اسم الله عليها افتراء عليه سيجزيهم بما كانوا يفترون
[YA]: And they say that such and such cattle and crops are taboo, and none should eat of them except those whom - so they say - We wish; further, there are cattle forbidden to yoke or burden, and cattle on which, (at slaughter), the name of Allah is not pronounced; - inventions against Allah's name: soon will He requite them for their inventions.

[RK]:They said, "These are livestock and crops that are prohibited; no one shall eat them except whomever we permit," so they claimed. They also prohibited the riding of certain livestock. Even the livestock they ate, they never pronounced GOD's name as they sacrificed them. Such are innovations attributed to Him. He will surely requite them for their innovations.

Yawma yarawna almala-ikata labushra yawma-ithin lilmujrimeena wayaqooloona hijranmahjooranيوم يرون الملائكة لابشري يومئذ للمجرمين ويقولون حجرا محجورا
[YA]: The Day they see the angels,- no joy will there be to the sinners that Day: The (angels) will say: "There is a barrier forbidden (to you) altogether!"

[RK]:The day they see the angels, it will not be good news for the guilty; they will say, "Now, we are irreversibly confined."

Wahuwa allathee maraja albahraynihatha AAathbun furatun wahatha milhunojajun wajaAAala baynahuma barzakhan wahijranmahjooranوهو الذي مرج البحرين هذا عذب فرات وهذا ملح اجاج وجعل بينهما برزخا وحجرا محجورا
[YA]: It is He Who has let free the two bodies of flowing water: One palatable and sweet, and the other salt and bitter; yet has He made a barrier between them, a partition that is forbidden to be passed.

[RK]:He is the One who merges the two seas; one is fresh and palatable, while the other is salty and undrinkable. And He separated them with a formidable, inviolable barrier (evaporation).

Hal fee thalika qasamun lithee hijrinهل في ذلك قسم لذي حجر
[YA]: Is there (not) in these an adjuration (or evidence) for those who understand?

[RK]:A profound oath, for one who possesses intelligence.

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