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Wa-ithi iAAtazaltumoohum wamayaAAbudoona illa Allaha fa/woo ila alkahfiyanshur lakum rabbukum min rahmatihi wayuhayyi/ lakum minamrikum mirfaqanواذا اعتزلتموهم ومايعبدون الا الله فاووا الي الكهف ينشر لكم ربكم من رحمته ويهيئ لكم من امركم مرفقا
[YA]: "When ye turn away from them and the things they worship other than Allah, betake yourselves to the Cave: Your Lord will shower His mercies on you and disposes of your affair towards comfort and ease."

[RK]:"Since you wish to avoid them, and their worshipping of other than GOD, let us take refuge in the cave. May your Lord shower you with His mercy and direct you to the right decision."

Ami ittakhathoo alihatan minaal-ardi hum yunshiroonaام اتخذوا الهة من الارض هم ينشرون
[YA]: Or have they taken (for worship) gods from the earth who can raise (the dead)?

[RK]:Have they found gods on earth who can create?

Wahuwa allathee yunazzilu alghaythamin baAAdi ma qanatoo wayanshuru rahmatahuwahuwa alwaliyyu alhameeduوهو الذي ينزل الغيث من بعد ماقنطوا وينشر رحمته وهو الولي الحميد
[YA]: He is the One that sends down rain (even) after (men) have given up all hope, and scatters His Mercy (far and wide). And He is the Protector, Worthy of all Praise.

[RK]:He is the One who sends down the rain after they had despaired, and spreads His mercy. He is the only Master, Most Praiseworthy.

Waallathee nazzala mina alssama-imaan biqadarin faansharna bihi baldatan maytan kathalikatukhrajoonaوالذي نزل من السماء ماء بقدر فانشرنا به بلدة ميتا كذلك تخرجون
[YA]: That sends down (from time to time) rain from the sky in due measure;- and We raise to life therewith a land that is dead; even so will ye be raised (from the dead);-

[RK]:He is the One who sends down from the sky water, in exact measure, to revive dead lands therewith. Similarly, you will be resurrected.

In hiya illa mawtatuna al-oolawama nahnu bimunshareenaان هي الا موتتنا الاولي ومانحن بمنشرين
[YA]: "There is nothing beyond our first death, and we shall not be raised again.

[RK]:"We only die the first death; we will never be resurrected!

Bal yureedu kullu imri-in minhum an yu/tasuhufan munashsharatanبل يريد كل امري منهم ان يؤتي صحفا منشرة
[YA]: Forsooth, each one of them wants to be given scrolls (of revelation) spread out!

[RK]:Does each one of them want to receive the scripture personally?

Waalnnashirati nashranوالناشرات نشرا
[YA]: And scatter (things) far and wide;

[RK]:Stir up clouds.

Thumma itha shaa ansharahuثم اذا شاء انشره
[YA]: Then, when it is His Will, He will raise him up (again).

[RK]:When He wills, He resurrects him.

Wa-itha alssuhufunushiratواذا الصحف نشرت
[YA]: When the scrolls are laid open;

[RK]:The records are made known.

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