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Wakathalika jaAAalna likullinabiyyin AAaduwwan shayateena al-insi waaljinni yooheebaAAduhum ila baAAdin zukhrufa alqawlighurooran walaw shaa rabbuka ma faAAaloohu fatharhumwama yaftaroonaوكذلك جعلنا لكل نبي عدوا شياطين الانس والجن يوحي بعضهم الي بعض زخرف القول غرورا ولو شاء ربك مافعلوه فذرهم ومايفترون
[YA]: Likewise did We make for every Messenger an enemy,- evil ones among men and jinns, inspiring each other with flowery discourses by way of deception. If thy Lord had so planned, they would not have done it: so leave them and their inventions alone.

[RK]:We have permitted the enemies of every prophet - human and jinn devils - to inspire in each other fancy words, in order to deceive. Had your Lord willed, they would not have done it. You shall disregard them and their fabrications.

Innama mathalu alhayatialddunya kama-in anzalnahu mina alssama-ifaikhtalata bihi nabatu al-ardi mimmaya/kulu alnnasu waal-anAAamu hattaitha akhathati al-ardu zukhrufaha waizzayyanatwathanna ahluha annahum qadiroonaAAalayha ataha amruna laylan aw naharanfajaAAalnaha haseedan kaan lam taghnabial-amsi kathalika nufassilu al-ayatiliqawmin yatafakkaroonaانما مثل الحياة الدنيا كماء انزلناه من السماء فاختلط به نبات الارض مما ياكل الناس والانعام حتي اذا اخذت الارض زخرفها وازينت وظن اهلها انهم قادرون عليها اتاها امرنا ليلا او نهارا فجعلناها حصيدا كان لم تغن بالامس كذلك نفصل الايات لقوم يتفكرون
[YA]: The likeness of the life of the present is as the rain which We send down from the skies: by its mingling arises the produce of the earth- which provides food for men and animals: (It grows) till the earth is clad with its golden ornaments and is decked out (in beauty): the people to whom it belongs think they have all powers of disposal over it: There reaches it Our command by night or by day, and We make it like a harvest clean-mown, as if it had not flourished only the day before! thus do We explain the Signs in detail for those who reflect.

[RK]:The analogy of this worldly life is like this: we send down water from the sky to produce with it all kinds of plants from the earth, and to provide food for the people and the animals. Then, just as the earth is perfectly adorned, and its people think that they are in control thereof, our judgment comes by night or by day, leaving it completely barren, as if nothing existed the previous day. We thus explain the revelations for people who reflect.

Aw yakoona laka baytun min zukhrufin aw tarqafee alssama-i walan nu/mina liruqiyyika hattatunazzila AAalayna kitaban naqraohu qul subhanarabbee hal kuntu illa basharan rasoolanاو يكون لك بيت من زخرف او ترقي في السماء ولن نؤمن لرقيك حتي تنزل علينا كتابا نقرؤه قل سبحان ربي هل كنت الا بشرا رسولا
[YA]: "Or thou have a house adorned with gold, or thou mount a ladder right into the skies. No, we shall not even believe in thy mounting until thou send down to us a book that we could read." Say: "Glory to my Lord! Am I aught but a man,- a messenger?"

[RK]:"Or unless you own a luxurious mansion, or unless you climb into the sky. Even if you do climb, we will not believe unless you bring a book that we can read." Say, "Glory be to my Lord. Am I any more than a human messenger?"

Wazukhrufan wa-in kullu thalika lammamataAAu alhayati alddunya waal-akhiratuAAinda rabbika lilmuttaqeenaوزخرفا وان كل ذلك لما متاع الحياة الدنيا والاخرة عند ربك للمتقين
[YA]: And also adornments of gold. But all this were nothing but conveniences of the present life: The Hereafter, in the sight of thy Lord is for the Righteous.

[RK]:Also many ornaments. All these are the temporary materials of this lowly life. The Hereafter - at your Lord - is far better for the righteous.

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