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Wala junaha AAalaykum feemaAAarradtum bihi min khitbati alnnisa-iaw aknantum fee anfusikum AAalima Allahu annakum satathkuroonahunnawalakin la tuwaAAidoohunna sirran illaan taqooloo qawlan maAAroofan wala taAAzimoo AAuqdata alnnikahihatta yablugha alkitabu ajalahu waiAAlamooanna Allaha yaAAlamu ma fee anfusikum faihtharoohuwaiAAlamoo anna Allaha ghafoorun haleemunولاجناح عليكم فيما عرضتم به من خطبة النساء او اكننتم في انفسكم علم الله انكم ستذكرونهن ولكن لاتواعدوهن سرا الا ان تقولوا قولا معروفا ولاتعزموا عقدة النكاح حتي يبلغ الكتاب اجله واعلموا ان الله يعلم مافي انفسكم فاحذروه واعلموا ان الله غفور حليم
[YA]: There is no blame on you if ye make an offer of betrothal or hold it in your hearts. Allah knows that ye cherish them in your hearts: But do not make a secret contract with them except in terms Honourable, nor resolve on the tie of marriage till the term prescribed is fulfilled. And know that Allah Knoweth what is in your hearts, and take heed of Him; and know that Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Forbearing.

[RK]:You commit no sin by announcing your engagement to the women, or keeping it secret. GOD knows that you will think about them. Do not meet them secretly, unless you have something righteous to discuss. Do not consummate the marriage until their interim is fulfilled. You should know that GOD knows your innermost thoughts, and observe Him. You should know that GOD is Forgiver, Clement.

Wa-in tallaqtumoohunna min qabli antamassoohunna waqad faradtum lahunna fareedatanfanisfu ma faradtum illa an yaAAfoonaaw yaAAfuwa allathee biyadihi AAuqdatu alnnikahiwaan taAAfoo aqrabu lilttaqwa wala tansawooalfadla baynakum inna Allaha bimataAAmaloona baseerun وان طلقتموهن من قبل ان تمسوهن وقد فرضتم لهن فريضة فنصف مافرضتم الا ان يعفون او يعفو الذي بيده عقدة النكاح وان تعفوا اقرب للتقوي ولاتنسوا الفضل بينكم ان الله بما تعملون بصير
[YA]: And if ye divorce them before consummation, but after the fixation of a dower for them, then the half of the dower (Is due to them), unless they remit it or (the man's half) is remitted by him in whose hands is the marriage tie; and the remission (of the man's half) is the nearest to righteousness. And do not forget Liberality between yourselves. For Allah sees well all that ye do.

[RK]:If you divorce them before touching them, but after you had set the dowry for them, the compensation shall be half the dowry, unless they voluntarily forfeit their rights, or the party responsible for causing the divorce chooses to forfeit the dowry. To forfeit is closer to righteousness. You shall maintain the amicable relations among you. GOD is Seer of everything you do.

Walikullin jaAAalna mawaliyamimma taraka alwalidani waal-aqraboonawaallatheena AAaqadat aymanukum faatoohumnaseebahum inna Allaha kana AAalakulli shay-in shaheedanولكل جعلنا موالي مما ترك الوالدان والاقربون والذين عقدت ايمانكم فاتوهم نصيبهم ان الله كان علي كل شي شهيدا
[YA]: To (benefit) every one, We have appointed shares and heirs to property left by parents and relatives. To those, also, to whom your right hand was pledged, give their due portion. For truly Allah is witness to all things.

[RK]:For each of you, we have designated shares from the inheritance left by the parents and the relatives. Also those related to you through marriage, you shall give them their due share. GOD witnesses all things.

Ya ayyuha allatheena amanooawfoo bialAAuqoodi ohillat lakum baheematu al-anAAamiilla ma yutla AAalaykum ghayra muhilleealssaydi waantum hurumun inna Allahayahkumu ma yureeduياايها الذين امنوا اوفوا بالعقود احلت لكم بهيمة الانعام الا مايتلي عليكم غير محلي الصيد وانتم حرم ان الله يحكم مايريد
[YA]: O ye who believe! fulfil (all) obligations. Lawful unto you (for food) are all four-footed animals, with the exceptions named: But animals of the chase are forbidden while ye are in the sacred precincts or in pilgrim garb: for Allah doth command according to His will and plan.

[RK]:O you who believe, you shall fulfill your covenants. Permitted for you to eat are the livestock, except those specifically prohibited herein. You shall not permit hunting throughout Hajj pilgrimage. GOD decrees whatever He wills.

La yu-akhithukumu Allahubiallaghwi fee aymanikum walakin yu-akhithukumbima AAaqqadtumu al-aymana fakaffaratuhu itAAamuAAasharati masakeena min awsati ma tutAAimoonaahleekum aw kiswatuhum aw tahreeru raqabatin faman lamyajid fasiyamu thalathati ayyamin thalikakaffaratu aymanikum itha halaftum waihfathooaymanakum kathalika yubayyinu Allahu lakum ayatihilaAAallakum tashkuroonaلايؤاخذكم الله باللغو في ايمانكم ولكن يؤاخذكم بما عقدتم الايمان فكفارته اطعام عشرة مساكين من اوسط ماتطعمون اهليكم او كسوتهم او تحرير رقبة فمن لم يجد فصيام ثلاثة ايام ذلك كفارة ايمانكم اذا حلفتم واحفظوا ايمانكم كذلك يبين الله لكم اياته لعلكم تشكرون
[YA]: Allah will not call you to account for what is futile in your oaths, but He will call you to account for your deliberate oaths: for expiation, feed ten indigent persons, on a scale of the average for the food of your families; or clothe them; or give a slave his freedom. If that is beyond your means, fast for three days. That is the expiation for the oaths ye have sworn. But keep to your oaths. Thus doth Allah make clear to you His signs, that ye may be grateful.

[RK]:GOD does not hold you responsible for the mere utterance of oaths; He holds you responsible for your actual intentions. If you violate an oath, you shall atone by feeding ten poor people from the same food you offer to your own family, or clothing them, or by freeing a slave. If you cannot afford this, then you shall fast three days. This is the atonement for violating the oaths that you swore to keep. You shall fulfill your oaths. GOD thus explains His revelations to you, that you may be appreciative.

Waohlul AAuqdatan min lisaneeواحلل عقدة من لساني
[YA]: "And remove the impediment from my speech,

[RK]:"And untie a knot from my tongue.

Wamin sharri alnnaffathatifee alAAuqadiومن شر النفاثات في العقد
[YA]: From the mischief of those who practise secret arts;

[RK]:"From the evils of the troublemakers.

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