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Waliyumahhisa Allahuallatheena amanoo wayamhaqa alkafireenaوليمحص الله الذين امنوا ويمحق الكافرين
[YA]: Allah's object also is to purge those that are true in Faith and to deprive of blessing Those that resist Faith.

[RK]:GOD thus toughens those who believe and humiliates the disbelievers.

Thumma anzala AAalaykum min baAAdi alghammiamanatan nuAAasan yaghsha ta-ifatan minkumwata-ifatun qad ahammat-hum anfusuhum yathunnoonabiAllahi ghayra alhaqqi thannaaljahiliyyati yaqooloona hal lana mina al-amri minshay-in qul inna al-amra kullahu lillahi yukhfoona feeanfusihim ma la yubdoona laka yaqooloona law kanalana mina al-amri shay-on ma qutilna hahunaqul law kuntum fee buyootikum labaraza allatheena kutibaAAalayhimu alqatlu ila madajiAAihim waliyabtaliyaAllahu ma fee sudoorikum waliyumahhisama fee quloobikum waAllahu AAaleemun bithatialssudooriثم انزل عليكم من بعد الغم امنة نعاسا يغشي طائفة منكم وطائفة قد اهمتهم انفسهم يظنون بالله غير الحق ظن الجاهلية يقولون هل لنا من الامر من شئ قل ان الامر كله لله يخفون في انفسهم مالايبدون لك يقولون لو كان لنا من الامر شئ ماقتلنا هاهنا قل لو كنتم في بيوتكم لبرز الذين كتب عليهم القتل الي مضاجعهم وليبتلي الله مافي صدوركم وليمحص مافي قلوبكم والله عليم بذات الصدور
[YA]: After (the excitement) of the distress, He sent down calm on a band of you overcome with slumber, while another band was stirred to anxiety by their own feelings, Moved by wrong suspicions of Allah-suspicions due to ignorance. They said: "What affair is this of ours?" Say thou: "Indeed, this affair is wholly Allah's." They hide in their minds what they dare not reveal to thee. They say (to themselves): "If we had had anything to do with this affair, We should not have been in the slaughter here." Say: "Even if you had remained in your homes, those for whom death was decreed would certainly have gone forth to the place of their death"; but (all this was) that Allah might test what is in your breasts and purge what is in your hearts. For Allah knoweth well the secrets of your hearts.

[RK]:After the setback, He sent down upon you peaceful slumber that pacified some of you. Others among you were selfishly concerned about themselves. They harbored thoughts about GOD that were not right - the same thoughts they had harbored during the days of ignorance. Thus, they said, "Is anything up to us?" Say, "Everything is up to GOD." They concealed inside themselves what they did not reveal to you. They said, "If it was up to us, none of us would have been killed in this battle." Say, "Had you stayed in your homes, those destined to be killed would have crawled into their death beds." GOD thus puts you to the test to bring out your true convictions, and to test what is in your hearts. GOD is fully aware of the innermost thoughts.

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