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Waakhatha allatheena thalamooalssayhatu faasbahoo fee diyarihimjathimeenaواخذ الذين ظلموا الصيحة فاصبحوا في ديارهم جاثمين
[YA]: The (mighty) Blast overtook the wrong-doers, and they lay prostrate in their homes before the morning,-

[RK]:Those who transgressed were annihilated by the disaster, leaving them in their homes, dead.

Walamma jaa amrunanajjayna shuAAayban waallatheena amanoomaAAahu birahmatin minna waakhathati allatheenathalamoo alssayhatu faasbahoofee diyarihim jathimeenaولما جاء امرنا نجينا شعيبا والذين امنوا معه برحمة منا واخذت الذين ظلموا الصيحة فاصبحوا في ديارهم جاثمين
[YA]: When Our decree issued, We saved Shu'aib and those who believed with him, by (special) mercy from Ourselves: But the (mighty) blast did seize the wrong-doers, and they lay prostrate in their homes by the morning,-

[RK]:When our judgment came, we saved Shu`aib and those who believed with him, by mercy from us. As for the evil ones, they were struck by a disaster that left them dead in their homes.

Faakhathat-humu alssayhatumushriqeenaفاخذتهم الصيحة مشرقين
[YA]: But the (mighty) Blast overtook them before morning,

[RK]:Consequently, the disaster struck them in the morning.

Faakhathat-humu alssayhatumusbiheenaفاخذتهم الصيحة مصبحين
[YA]: But the (mighty) Blast seized them of a morning,

[RK]:The disaster hit them in the morning.

Faakhathat-humu alssayhatubialhaqqi fajaAAalnahum ghuthaanfabuAAdan lilqawmi alththalimeenaفاخذتهم الصيحة بالحق فجعلناهم غثاء فبعدا للقوم الظالمين
[YA]: Then the Blast overtook them with justice, and We made them as rubbish of dead leaves (floating on the stream of Time)! So away with the people who do wrong!

[RK]:The retribution struck them, equitably, and thus, we turned them into ruins. The wicked people perished.

Fakullan akhathna bithanbihifaminhum man arsalna AAalayhi hasiban waminhum manakhathat-hu alssayhatu waminhum mankhasafna bihi al-arda waminhum man aghraqnawama kana Allahu liyathlimahumwalakin kanoo anfusahum yathlimoonaفكلا اخذنا بذنبه فمنهم من ارسلنا عليه حاصبا ومنهم من اخذته الصيحة ومنهم من خسفنا به الارض ومنهم من اغرقنا وماكان الله ليظلمهم ولكن كانوا انفسهم يظلمون
[YA]: Each one of them We seized for his crime: of them, against some We sent a violent tornado (with showers of stones); some were caught by a (mighty) Blast; some We caused the earth to swallow up; and some We drowned (in the waters): It was not Allah Who injured (or oppressed) them:" They injured (and oppressed) their own souls.

[RK]:All those disbelievers were doomed as a consequence of their sins. Some of them we annihilated by violent winds, some were annihilated by the quake, some we caused the earth to swallow, and some we drowned. GOD is not the One who wronged them; it is they who wronged their own souls.

In kanat illa sayhatanwahidatan fa-itha hum khamidoonaان كانت الا صيحة واحدة فاذا هم خامدون
[YA]: It was no more than a single mighty Blast, and behold! they were (like ashes) quenched and silent.

[RK]:All it took was one blow, whereupon they were stilled.

Ma yanthuroona illasayhatan wahidatan ta/khuthuhum wahumyakhissimoonaماينظرون الا صيحة واحدة تاخذهم وهم يخصمون
[YA]: They will not (have to) wait for aught but a single Blast: it will seize them while they are yet disputing among themselves!

[RK]:All they see will be one blow that overwhelms them, while they dispute.

In kanat illa sayhatanwahidatan fa-itha hum jameeAAun ladayna muhdaroonaان كانت الا صيحة واحدة فاذا هم جميع لدينا محضرون
[YA]: It will be no more than a single Blast, when lo! they will all be brought up before Us!

[RK]:All it will take is one blow, whereupon they are summoned before us.

Wama yanthuru haola-iilla sayhatan wahidatan ma lahamin fawaqinوماينظر هؤلاء الا صيحة واحدة مالها من فواق
[YA]: These (today) only wait for a single mighty Blast, which (when it comes) will brook no delay.

[RK]:These people can expect a single blow, from which they never recover.

Yawma yasmaAAoona alssayhatabialhaqqi thalika yawmu alkhuroojiيوم يسمعون الصيحة بالحق ذلك يوم الخروج
[YA]: The Day when they will hear a (mighty) Blast in (very) truth: that will be the Day of Resurrection.

[RK]:When they hear the inevitable cry; that is the day you come out.

Inna arsalna AAalayhim sayhatanwahidatan fakanoo kahasheemi almuhtathiriانا ارسلنا عليهم صيحة واحدة فكانوا كهشيم المحتظر
[YA]: For We sent against them a single Mighty Blast, and they became like the dry stubble used by one who pens cattle.

[RK]:We sent upon them one blow, whereupon they became like harvested hay.

Wa-itha raaytahum tuAAjibuka ajsamuhumwa-in yaqooloo tasmaAA liqawlihim kaannahum khushubunmusannadatun yahsaboona kulla sayhatinAAalayhim humu alAAaduwwu faihtharhum qatalahumuAllahu anna yu/fakoonaواذا رايتهم تعجبك اجسامهم وان يقولوا تسمع لقولهم كانهم خشب مسندة يحسبون كل صيحة عليهم هم العدو فاحذرهم قاتلهم الله اني يؤفكون
[YA]: When thou lookest at them, their exteriors please thee; and when they speak, thou listenest to their words. They are as (worthless as hollow) pieces of timber propped up, (unable to stand on their own). They think that every cry is against them. They are the enemies; so beware of them. The curse of Allah be on them! How are they deluded (away from the Truth)!

[RK]:When you see them, you may be impressed by their looks. And when they speak, you may listen to their eloquence. They are like standing logs. They think that every call is intended against them. These are the real enemies; beware of them. GOD condemns them; they have deviated.

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