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Fa-in AAuthira AAala annahumaistahaqqa ithman faakharani yaqoomanimaqamahuma mina allatheena istahaqqaAAalayhimu al-awlayani fayuqsimani biAllahilashahadatuna ahaqqu min shahadatihimawama iAAtadayna inna ithan lamina alththalimeenaفان عثر علي انهما استحقا اثما فاخران يقومان مقامهما من الذين استحق عليهم الاوليان فيقسمان بالله لشهادتنا احق من شهادتهما ومااعتدينا انا اذا لمن الظالمين
[YA]: But if it gets known that these two were guilty of the sin (of perjury), let two others stand forth in their places,- nearest in kin from among those who claim a lawful right: let them swear by Allah: "We affirm that our witness is truer than that of those two, and that we have not trespassed (beyond the truth): if we did, behold! the wrong be upon us!"

[RK]:If the witnesses are found to be guilty of bias, then two others shall be asked to take their places. Choose two persons who were victimized by the first witnesses, and let them swear by GOD: "Our testimony is more truthful than theirs; we will not be biased. Otherwise, we will be transgressors."

Wakathalika aAAtharnaAAalayhim liyaAAlamoo anna waAAda Allahi haqqunwaanna alsaAAata la rayba feeha ithyatanazaAAoona baynahum amrahum faqaloo ibnooAAalayhim bunyanan rabbuhum aAAlamu bihim qala allatheenaghalaboo AAala amrihim lanattakhithanna AAalayhimmasjidanوكذلك اعثرنا عليهم ليعلموا ان وعد الله حق وان الساعة لاريب فيها اذ يتنازعون بينهم امرهم فقالوا ابنوا عليهم بنيانا ربهم اعلم بهم قال الذين غلبوا علي امرهم لنتخذن عليهم مسجدا
[YA]: Thus did We make their case known to the people, that they might know that the promise of Allah is true, and that there can be no doubt about the Hour of Judgment. Behold, they dispute among themselves as to their affair. (Some) said, "Construct a building over them": Their Lord knows best about them: those who prevailed over their affair said, "Let us surely build a place of worship over them."

[RK]:We caused them to be discovered, to let everyone know that GOD's promise is true, and to remove all doubt concerning the end of the world. The people then disputed among themselves regarding them. Some said, "Let us build a building around them." Their Lord is the best knower about them. Those who prevailed said, "We will build a place of worship around them."

Wa-itha alqubooru buAAthiratواذا القبور بعثرت
[YA]: And when the Graves are turned upside down;-

[RK]:The graves are opened.

Afala yaAAlamu itha buAAthira mafee alqubooriافلا يعلم اذا بعثر مافي القبور
[YA]: Does he not know,- when that which is in the graves is scattered abroad

[RK]:Does he not realize that the day will come when the graves are opened?

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