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Wajaoo AAala qameesihibidamin kathibin qala bal sawwalat lakum anfusukumamran fasabrun jameelun waAllahu almustaAAanuAAala ma tasifoonaوجاؤوا علي قميصه بدم كذب قال بل سولت لكم انفسكم امرا فصبر جميل والله المستعان علي ماتصفون
[YA]: They stained his shirt with false blood. He said: "Nay, but your minds have made up a tale (that may pass) with you, (for me) patience is most fitting: Against that which ye assert, it is Allah (alone) Whose help can be sought"..

[RK]:They produced his shirt with fake blood on it. He said, "Indeed, you have conspired with each other to commit a certain scheme. All I can do is resort to a quiet patience. May GOD help me in the face of your conspiracy."

Waistabaqa albabawaqaddat qameesahu min duburin waalfaya sayyidahalada albabi qalat ma jazao manarada bi-ahlika soo-an illa an yusjana aw AAathabunaleemunواستبقا الباب وقدت قميصه من دبر والفيا سيدها لدي الباب قالت ماجزاء من اراد باهلك سوءا الا ان يسجن او عذاب اليم
[YA]: So they both raced each other to the door, and she tore his shirt from the back: they both found her lord near the door. She said: "What is the (fitting) punishment for one who formed an evil design against thy wife, but prison or a grievous chastisement?"

[RK]:The two of them raced towards the door, and, in the process, she tore his garment from the back. They found her husband at the door. She said, "What should be the punishment for one who wanted to molest your wife, except imprisonment or a painful punishment?"

Qala hiya rawadatnee AAannafsee washahida shahidun min ahliha in kanaqameesuhu qudda min qubulin fasadaqat wahuwa minaalkathibeenaقال هي راودتني عن نفسي وشهد شاهد من اهلها ان كان قميصه قد من قبل فصدقت وهو من الكاذبين
[YA]: He said: "It was she that sought to seduce me - from my (true) self." And one of her household saw (this) and bore witness, (thus):- "If it be that his shirt is rent from the front, then is her tale true, and he is a liar!

[RK]:He said, "She is the one who tried to seduce me." A witness from her family suggested: "If his garment is torn from the front, then she is telling the truth and he is a liar.

Wa-in kana qameesuhu qudda minduburin fakathabat wahuwa mina alssadiqeenaوان كان قميصه قد من دبر فكذبت وهو من الصادقين
[YA]: "But if it be that his shirt is torn from the back, then is she the liar, and he is telling the truth!"

[RK]:"And if his garment is torn from the back, then she lied, and he is telling the truth."

Falamma raa qameesahuqudda min duburin qala innahu min kaydikunna innakaydakunna AAatheemunفلما راي قميصه قد من دبر قال انه من كيدكن ان كيدكن عظيم
[YA]: So when he saw his shirt,- that it was torn at the back,- (her husband) said: "Behold! It is a snare of you women! truly, mighty is your snare!

[RK]:When her husband saw that his garment was torn from the back, he said, "This is a woman's scheme. Indeed, your scheming is formidable.

Ithhaboo biqameesee hathafaalqoohu AAala wajhi abee ya/ti baseeran wa/tooneebi-ahlikum ajmaAAeenaاذهبوا بقميصي هذا فالقوه علي وجه ابي يات بصيرا واتوني باهلكم اجمعين
[YA]: "Go with this my shirt, and cast it over the face of my father: he will come to see (clearly). Then come ye (here) to me together with all your family."

[RK]:"Take this shirt of mine; when you throw it on my father's face, his vision will be restored. Bring your whole family and come back to me."

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