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FadaAAa rabbahu anna haola-iqawmun mujrimoonaفدعا ربه ان هؤلاء قوم مجرمون
[YA]: (But they were aggressive:) then he cried to his Lord: "These are indeed a people given to sin."

[RK]:Subsequently, he implored his Lord: "These are wicked people."

Ahum khayrun am qawmu tubbaAAin waallatheenamin qablihim ahlaknahum innahum kanoo mujrimeenaاهم خير ام قوم تبع والذين من قبلهم اهلكناهم انهم كانوا مجرمين
[YA]: What! Are they better than the people of Tubba and those who were before them? We destroyed them because they were guilty of sin.

[RK]:Are they better than the people of Tubba` and others before them? We annihilated them for their crimes.

Waamma allatheena kafarooafalam takun ayatee tutla AAalaykum faistakbartumwakuntum qawman mujrimeenaواما الذين كفروا افلم تكن اياتي تتلي عليكم فاستكبرتم وكنتم قوما مجرمين
[YA]: But as to those who rejected Allah, (to them will be said): "Were not Our Signs rehearsed to you? But ye were arrogant, and were a people given to sin!

[RK]:As for those who disbelieve: "Were not My revelations recited to you, but you turned arrogant and were wicked people?"

Tudammiru kulla shay-in bi-amri rabbihafaasbahoo la yura illa masakinuhumkathalika najzee alqawma almujrimeenaتدمر كل شئ بامر ربها فاصبحوا لايري الا مساكنهم كذلك نجزي القوم المجرمين
[YA]: "Everything will it destroy by the command of its Lord!" Then by the morning they - nothing was to be seen but (the ruins of) their houses! thus do We recompense those given to sin!

[RK]:It destroyed everything, as commanded by its Lord. By morning, nothing was standing except their homes. We thus requite the guilty people.

Qaloo inna orsilna ilaqawmin mujrimeenaقالوا انا ارسلنا الي قوم مجرمين
[YA]: They said, "We have been sent to a people (deep) in sin;-

[RK]:They said, "We have been dispatched to criminal people.

Inna almujrimeena fee dalalinwasuAAurinان المجرمين في ضلال وسعر
[YA]: Truly those in sin are the ones straying in mind, and mad.

[RK]:Certainly, the guilty are astray, and will end up in Hell.

YuAArafu almujrimoona biseemahumfayu/khathu bialnnawasee waal-aqdamiيعرف المجرمون بسيماهم فيؤخذ بالنواصي والاقدام
[YA]: (For) the sinners will be known by their marks: and they will be seized by their forelocks and their feet.

[RK]:(This is because) the guilty will be recognized by their looks; they will be taken by the forelocks and the feet.

Hathihi jahannamu allatee yukaththibubiha almujrimoonaهذه جهنم التي يكذب بها المجرمون
[YA]: This is the Hell which the Sinners deny:

[RK]:This is Gehenna that the guilty used to deny.

AfanajAAalu almuslimeena kaalmujrimeenaافنجعل المسلمين كالمجرمين
[YA]: Shall We then treat the People of Faith like the People of Sin?

[RK]:Shall we treat the Submitters like the criminals?

Yubassaroonahum yawaddu almujrimu lawyaftadee min AAathabi yawmi-ithin bibaneehiيبصرونهم يود المجرم لو يفتدي من عذاب يومئذ ببنيه
[YA]: Though they will be put in sight of each other,- the sinner's desire will be: Would that he could redeem himself from the Penalty of that Day by (sacrificing) his children,

[RK]:When they see them, the guilty will wish he could give his own children as ransom, to spare him the retribution of that day.

AAani almujrimeenaعن المجرمين
[YA]: And (ask) of the Sinners:

[RK]:About the guilty.

Kathalika nafAAalu bialmujrimeenaكذلك نفعل بالمجرمين
[YA]: Thus do We deal with men of sin.

[RK]:This is what we do to the criminals.

Kuloo watamattaAAoo qaleelan innakummujrimoonaكلوا وتمتعوا قليلا انكم مجرمون
[YA]: (O ye unjust!) Eat ye and enjoy yourselves (but) a little while, for that ye are Sinners.

[RK]:Eat and enjoy temporarily; you are guilty.

Inna allatheena ajramoo kanoomina allatheena amanoo yadhakoonaان الذين اجرموا كانوا من الذين امنوا يضحكون
[YA]: Those in sin used to laugh at those who believed,

[RK]:The wicked used to laugh at those who believed.

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