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Lillatheena ahsanoo alhusnawaziyadatun wala yarhaqu wujoohahum qatarun walathillatun ola-ika as-habu aljannatihum feeha khalidoonaللذين احسنوا الحسني وزيادة ولايرهق وجوههم قتر ولاذلة اولئك اصحاب الجنة هم فيها خالدون
[YA]: To those who do right is a goodly (reward)- Yea, more (than in measure)! No darkness nor shame shall cover their faces! they are companions of the garden; they will abide therein (for aye)!

[RK]:For the righteous, the reward will be multiplied manifold. Their faces will never experience any deprivation or shame. These are the dwellers of Paradise; they abide therein forever.

Waallatheena kasaboo alssayyi-atijazao sayyi-atin bimithliha watarhaquhum thillatunma lahum mina Allahi min AAasimin kaannamaoghshiyat wujoohuhum qitaAAan mina allayli muthlimanola-ika as-habu alnnari humfeeha khalidoonaوالذين كسبوا السيئات جزاء سيئة بمثلها وترهقهم ذلة مالهم من الله من عاصم كانما اغشيت وجوههم قطعا من الليل مظلما اولئك اصحاب النار هم فيها خالدون
[YA]: But those who have earned evil will have a reward of like evil: ignominy will cover their (faces): No defender will they have from (the wrath of) Allah: Their faces will be covered, as it were, with pieces from the depth of the darkness of night: they are companions of the Fire: they will abide therein (for aye)!

[RK]:As for those who earned sins, their requital is equivalent to their sin. Humiliation is their lot, and no one beside GOD can protect them. Their faces will seem overwhelmed by masses of dark night. They will be the dwellers of Hell; they abide therein forever.

Qala la tu-akhithneebima naseetu wala turhiqnee min amree AAusranقال لاتؤاخذني بما نسيت ولاترهقني من امري عسرا
[YA]: Moses said: "Rebuke me not for forgetting, nor grieve me by raising difficulties in my case."

[RK]:He said, "I am sorry. Do not punish me for my forgetfulness; do not be too harsh with me."

Waamma alghulamu fakanaabawahu mu/minayni fakhasheena an yurhiqahumatughyanan wakufranواما الغلام فكان ابواه مؤمنين فخشينا ان يرهقهما طغيانا وكفرا
[YA]: "As for the youth, his parents were people of Faith, and we feared that he would grieve them by obstinate rebellion and ingratitude (to Allah and man).

[RK]:"As for the boy, his parents were good believers, and we saw that he was going to burden them with his transgression and disbelief.

KhashiAAatan absaruhumtarhaquhum thillatun waqad kanoo yudAAawna ilaalssujoodi wahum salimoonaخاشعة ابصارهم ترهقهم ذلة وقد كانوا يدعون الي السجود وهم سالمون
[YA]: Their eyes will be cast down,- ignominy will cover them; seeing that they had been summoned aforetime to bow in adoration, while they were whole, (and had refused).

[RK]:With their eyes subdued, humiliation will cover them. They were invited to fall prostrate when they were whole and able.

KhashiAAatan absaruhumtarhaquhum thillatun thalika alyawmu allatheekanoo yooAAadoonaخاشعة ابصارهم ترهقهم ذلة ذلك اليوم الذي كانوا يوعدون
[YA]: Their eyes lowered in dejection,- ignominy covering them (all over)! such is the Day the which they are promised!

[RK]:With their eyes subdued, shame will cover them. That is the day that is awaiting them.

Waannahu kana rijalun minaal-insi yaAAoothoona birijalin mina aljinni fazadoohumrahaqanوانه كان رجال من الانس يعوذون برجال من الجن فزادوهم رهقا
[YA]: 'True, there were persons among mankind who took shelter with persons among the Jinns, but they increased them in folly.

[RK]:" `Human beings used to seek power through jinn beings, but they only afflicted them with a lot of adversity.

Waanna lamma samiAAnaalhuda amanna bihi faman yu/min birabbihifala yakhafu bakhsan wala rahaqanوانالما سمعنا الهدي امنا به فمن يؤمن بربه فلا يخاف بخسا ولارهقا
[YA]: 'And as for us, since we have listened to the Guidance, we have accepted it: and any who believes in his Lord has no fear, either of a short (account) or of any injustice.

[RK]:" `When we heard the guidance, we believed therein. Anyone who believes in his Lord will never fear any injustice, nor any affliction.

Saorhiquhu saAAoodanسارهقه صعودا
[YA]: Soon will I visit him with a mount of calamities!

[RK]:I will increasingly punish him.

Tarhaquha qataratunترهقها قترة
[YA]: Blackness will cover them:

[RK]:Overwhelmed by remorse.

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