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Allahu yastahzi-o bihim wayamudduhumfee tughyanihim yaAAmahoonaالله يستهزي بهم ويمدهم في طغيانهم يعمهون
[YA]: Allah will throw back their mockery on them, and give them rope in their trespasses; so they will wander like blind ones (To and fro).

[RK]:GOD mocks them, and leads them on in their transgressions, blundering.

La ikraha fee alddeeniqad tabayyana alrrushdu mina alghayyi faman yakfur bialttaghootiwayu/min biAllahi faqadi istamsaka bialAAurwatialwuthqa la infisama laha waAllahusameeAAun AAaleemunلااكراه في الدين قد تبين الرشد من الغي فمن يكفر بالطاغوت ويؤمن بالله فقد استمسك بالعروة الوثقي لاانفصام لها والله سميع عليم
[YA]: Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold, that never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things.

[RK]:There shall be no compulsion in religion: the right way is now distinct from the wrong way. Anyone who denounces the devil and believes in GOD has grasped the strongest bond; one that never breaks. GOD is Hearer, Omniscient.

Allahu waliyyu allatheena amanooyukhrijuhum mina alththulumati ilaalnnoori waallatheena kafaroo awliyaohumualttaghootu yukhrijoonahum mina alnnoori ilaalththulumati ola-ika as-habualnnari hum feeha khalidoonaالله ولي الذين امنوا يخرجهم من الظلمات الي النور والذين كفروا اولياؤهم الطاغوت يخرجونهم من النور الي الظلمات اولئك اصحاب النار هم فيها خالدون
[YA]: Allah is the Protector of those who have faith: from the depths of darkness He will lead them forth into light. Of those who reject faith the patrons are the evil ones: from light they will lead them forth into the depths of darkness. They will be companions of the fire, to dwell therein (For ever).

[RK]:GOD is Lord of those who believe; He leads them out of darkness into the light. As for those who disbelieve, their lords are their idols; they lead them out of the light into darkness - these will be the dwellers of Hell; they abide in it forever.

Alam tara ila allatheena ootoonaseeban mina alkitabi yu/minoona bialjibtiwaalttaghooti wayaqooloona lillatheenakafaroo haola-i ahda mina allatheena amanoosabeelanالم تر الي الذين اوتوا نصيبا من الكتاب يؤمنون بالجبت والطاغوت ويقولون للذين كفروا هؤلاء اهدي من الذين امنوا سبيلا
[YA]: Hast thou not turned Thy vision to those who were given a portion of the Book? they believe in sorcery and Evil, and say to the Unbelievers that they are better guided in the (right) way Than the believers!

[RK]:Have you noted those who received a portion of the scripture, and how they believe in idolatry and false doctrine, then say, "The disbelievers are better guided than the believers?!"

Alam tara ila allatheenayazAAumoona annahum amanoo bima onzila ilayka wamaonzila min qablika yureedoona an yatahakamoo ila alttaghootiwaqad omiroo an yakfuroo bihi wayureedu alshshaytanuan yudillahum dalalan baAAeedanالم تر الي الذين يزعمون انهم امنوا بما انزل اليك وماانزل من قبلك يريدون ان يتحاكموا الي الطاغوت وقد امروا ان يكفروا به ويريد الشيطان ان يضلهم ضلالا بعيدا
[YA]: Hast thou not turned Thy vision to those who declare that they believe in the revelations that have come to thee and to those before thee? Their (real) wish is to resort together for judgment (in their disputes) to the Evil One, though they were ordered to reject him. But Satan's wish is to lead them astray far away (from the right).

[RK]:Have you noted those who claim that they believe in what was revealed to you, and in what was revealed before you, then uphold the unjust laws of their idols? They were commanded to reject such laws. Indeed, it is the devil's wish to lead them far astray.

Allatheena amanoo yuqatiloonafee sabeeli Allahi waallatheena kafaroo yuqatiloonafee sabeeli alttaghooti faqatiloo awliyaaalshshaytani inna kayda alshshaytanikana daAAeefanالذين امنوا يقاتلون في سبيل الله والذين كفروا يقاتلون في سبيل الطاغوت فقاتلوا اولياء الشيطان ان كيد الشيطان كان ضعيفا
[YA]: Those who believe fight in the cause of Allah, and those who reject Faith Fight in the cause of Evil: So fight ye against the friends of Satan: feeble indeed is the cunning of Satan.

[RK]:Those who believe are fighting for the cause of GOD, while those who disbelieve are fighting for the cause of tyranny. Therefore, you shall fight the devil's allies; the devil's power is nil.

Waqalati alyahoodu yadu Allahimaghloolatun ghullat aydeehim waluAAinoo bima qaloobal yadahu mabsootatani yunfiqu kayfa yashaowalayazeedanna katheeran minhum ma onzila ilayka minrabbika tughyanan wakufran waalqaynabaynahumu alAAadawata waalbaghdaa ilayawmi alqiyamati kullama awqadoo naran lilharbiatfaaha Allahu wayasAAawna fee al-ardifasadan waAllahu la yuhibbualmufsideenaوقالت اليهود يد الله مغلولة غلت ايديهم ولعنوا بما قالوا بل يداه مبسوطتان ينفق كيف يشاء وليزيدن كثيرا منهم ماانزل اليك من ربك طغيانا وكفرا والقينا بينهم العداوة والبغضاء الي يوم القيامة كلما اوقدوا نارا للحرب اطفاها الله ويسعون في الارض فسادا والله لايحب المفسدين
[YA]: The Jews say: "Allah's hand is tied up." Be their hands tied up and be they accursed for the (blasphemy) they utter. Nay, both His hands are widely outstretched: He giveth and spendeth (of His bounty) as He pleaseth. But the revelation that cometh to thee from Allah increaseth in most of them their obstinate rebellion and blasphemy. Amongst them we have placed enmity and hatred till the Day of Judgment. Every time they kindle the fire of war, Allah doth extinguish it; but they (ever) strive to do mischief on earth. And Allah loveth not those who do mischief.

[RK]:The Jews even said, "GOD's hand is tied down!" It is their hands that are tied down. They are condemned for uttering such a blasphemy. Instead, His hands are wide open, spending as He wills. For certain, your Lord's revelations to you will cause many of them to plunge deeper into transgression and disbelief. Consequently, we have committed them to animosity and hatred among themselves until the Day of Resurrection. Whenever they ignite the flames of war, GOD puts them out. They roam the earth wickedly, and GOD dislikes the evildoers.

Qul ya ahla alkitabi lastumAAala shay-in hatta tuqeemoo alttawratawaal-injeela wama onzila ilaykum min rabbikumwalayazeedanna katheeran minhum ma onzila ilayka minrabbika tughyanan wakufran fala ta/sa AAalaalqawmi alkafireenaقل يااهل الكتاب لستم علي شئ حتي تقيموا التوراة والانجيل وماانزل اليكم من ربكم وليزيدن كثيرا منهم ماانزل اليك من ربك طغيانا وكفرا فلا تاس علي القوم الكافرين
[YA]: Say: "O People of the Book! ye have no ground to stand upon unless ye stand fast by the Law, the Gospel, and all the revelation that has come to you from your Lord." It is the revelation that cometh to thee from thy Lord, that increaseth in most of them their obstinate rebellion and blasphemy. But sorrow thou not over (these) people without Faith.

[RK]:Say, "O people of the scripture, you have no basis until you uphold the Torah, and the Gospel, and what is sent down to you herein from your Lord." For sure, these revelations from your Lord will cause many of them to plunge deeper into transgression and disbelief. Therefore, do not feel sorry for the disbelieving people.

Wanuqallibu af-idatahum waabsarahumkama lam yu/minoo bihi awwala marratin wanatharuhumfee tughyanihim yaAAmahoonaونقلب افئدتهم وابصارهم كما لم يؤمنوا به اول مرة ونذرهم في طغيانهم يعمهون
[YA]: We (too) shall turn to (confusion) their hearts and their eyes, even as they refused to believe in this in the first instance: We shall leave them in their trespasses, to wander in distraction.

[RK]:We control their minds and their hearts. Thus, since their decision is to disbelieve, we leave them in their transgressions, blundering.

Man yudlili Allahu falahadiya lahu wayatharuhum fee tughyanihimyaAAmahoonaمن يضلل الله فلاهادي له ويذرهم في طغيانهم يعمهون
[YA]: To such as Allah rejects from His guidance, there can be no guide: He will leave them in their trespasses, wandering in distraction.

[RK]:Whomever GOD commits to straying, there is no way for anyone to guide him. He leaves them in their sins, blundering.

Walaw yuAAajjilu Allahu lilnnasialshsharra istiAAjalahum bialkhayri laqudiyailayhim ajaluhum fanatharu allatheena layarjoona liqaana fee tughyanihimyaAAmahoonaولو يعجل الله للناس الشر استعجالهم بالخير لقضي اليهم اجلهم فنذر الذين لايرجون لقاءنا في طغيانهم يعمهون
[YA]: If Allah were to hasten for men the ill (they have earned) as they would fain hasten on the good,- then would their respite be settled at once. But We leave those who rest not their hope on their meeting with Us, in their trespasses, wandering in distraction to and fro.

[RK]:If GOD hastened the retribution incurred by the people, the way they demand provisions, they would have been annihilated long ago. However, we leave those who do not believe in meeting us in their transgressions, blundering.

Faistaqim kama omirta waman tabamaAAaka wala tatghaw innahu bima taAAmaloonabaseerunفاستقم كما امرت ومن تاب معك ولاتطغوا انه بما تعملون بصير
[YA]: Therefore stand firm (in the straight Path) as thou art commanded,- thou and those who with thee turn (unto Allah); and transgress not (from the Path): for He seeth well all that ye do.

[RK]:Therefore, continue on the path you have been enjoined to follow, together with those who repented with you, and do not transgress. He is Seer of everything you do.

Walaqad baAAathna fee kulli ommatinrasoolan ani oAAbudoo Allaha waijtaniboo alttaghootafaminhum man hada Allahu waminhum man haqqatAAalayhi alddalalatu faseeroo fee al-ardifaonthuroo kayfa kana AAaqibatualmukaththibeenaولقد بعثنا في كل امة رسولا ان اعبدوا الله واجتنبوا الطاغوت فمنهم من هدي الله ومنهم من حقت عليه الضلالة فسيروا في الارض فانظروا كيف كان عاقبة المكذبين
[YA]: For We assuredly sent amongst every People a messenger, (with the Command), "Serve Allah, and eschew Evil": of the People were some whom Allah guided, and some on whom error became inevitably (established). So travel through the earth, and see what was the end of those who denied (the Truth).

[RK]:We have sent a messenger to every community, saying, "You shall worship GOD, and avoid idolatry." Subsequently, some were guided by GOD, while others were committed to straying. Roam the earth and note the consequences for the rejectors.

Wa-ith qulna laka inna rabbakaahata bialnnasi wama jaAAalnaalrru/ya allatee araynaka illafitnatan lilnnasi waalshshajarataalmalAAoonata fee alqur-ani wanukhawwifuhum famayazeeduhum illa tughyanan kabeeranواذ قلنا لك ان ربك احاط بالناس وماجعلنا الرؤيا التي اريناك الا فتنة للناس والشجرة الملعونة في القران ونخوفهم فما يزيدهم الا طغيانا كبيرا
[YA]: Behold! We told thee that thy Lord doth encompass mankind round about: We granted the vision which We showed thee, but as a trial for men,- as also the Cursed Tree (mentioned) in the Qur'an: We put terror (and warning) into them, but it only increases their inordinate transgression!

[RK]:We informed you that your Lord fully controls the people, and we rendered the vision that we showed you a test for the people, and the tree that is accursed in the Quran. We showed them solid proofs to instill reverence in them, but this only augmented their defiance.

Waamma alghulamu fakanaabawahu mu/minayni fakhasheena an yurhiqahumatughyanan wakufranواما الغلام فكان ابواه مؤمنين فخشينا ان يرهقهما طغيانا وكفرا
[YA]: "As for the youth, his parents were people of Faith, and we feared that he would grieve them by obstinate rebellion and ingratitude (to Allah and man).

[RK]:"As for the boy, his parents were good believers, and we saw that he was going to burden them with his transgression and disbelief.

Ithhab ila firAAawna innahu taghaاذهب الي فرعون انه طغي
[YA]: "Go thou to Pharaoh, for he has indeed transgressed all bounds."

[RK]:"Go to Pharaoh, for he has transgressed."

Ithhaba ila firAAawnainnahu taghaاذهبا الي فرعون انه طغي
[YA]: "Go, both of you, to Pharaoh, for he has indeed transgressed all bounds;

[RK]:"Go to Pharaoh, for he transgressed.

Qala rabbana innananakhafu an yafruta AAalayna aw an yatghaقالا ربنا اننا نخاف ان يفرط علينا او ان يطغي
[YA]: They (Moses and Aaron) said: "Our Lord! We fear lest he hasten with insolence against us, or lest he transgress all bounds."

[RK]:They said, "Our Lord, we fear lest he may attack us, or transgress."

Kuloo min tayyibati marazaqnakum wala tatghaw feehi fayahillaAAalaykum ghadabee waman yahlil AAalayhi ghadabeefaqad hawaكلوا من طيبات مارزقناكم ولاتطغوا فيه فيحل عليكم غضبي ومن يحلل عليه غضبي فقد هوي
[YA]: (Saying): "Eat of the good things We have provided for your sustenance, but commit no excess therein, lest My Wrath should justly descend on you: and those on whom descends My Wrath do perish indeed!

[RK]:Eat from the good things we provided for you, and do not transgress, lest you incur My wrath. Whoever incurs My wrath has fallen.

Walaw rahimnahum wakashafnama bihim min durrin lalajjoo fee tughyanihimyaAAmahoonaولو رحمناهم وكشفنا مابهم من ضر للجوا في طغيانهم يعمهون
[YA]: If We had mercy on them and removed the distress which is on them, they would obstinately persist in their transgression, wandering in distraction to and fro.

[RK]:Even when we showered them with mercy, and relieved their problems, they plunged deeper into transgression, and continued to blunder.

Wama kana lanaAAalaykum min sultanin bal kuntum qawman tagheenaوماكان لنا عليكم من سلطان بل كنتم قوما طاغين
[YA]: "Nor had we any authority over you. Nay, it was ye who were a people in obstinate rebellion!

[RK]:"We never had any power over you; it is you who were wicked.

Hatha wa-inna lilttagheenalasharra maabinهذا وان للطاغين لشر ماب
[YA]: Yea, such! but - for the wrong-doers will be an evil place of (Final) Return!-

[RK]:As for the transgressors, they have incurred a miserable destiny.

Waallatheena ijtanaboo alttaghootaan yaAAbudooha waanaboo ila Allahilahumu albushra fabashshir AAibadiوالذين اجتنبوا الطاغوت ان يعبدوها وانابوا الي الله لهم البشري فبشر عباد
[YA]: Those who eschew Evil,- and fall not into its worship,- and turn to Allah (in repentance),- for them is Good News: so announce the Good News to My Servants,-

[RK]:As for those who discard the worship of all idols, and devote themselves totally to GOD alone, they have deserved happiness. Give good news to My servants.

Qala qareenuhu rabbana maatghaytuhu walakin kana fee dalalinbaAAeedinقال قرينه ربنا مااطغيته ولكن كان في ضلال بعيد
[YA]: His Companion will say: "Our Lord! I did not make him transgress, but he was (himself) far astray."

[RK]:His companion said, "Our Lord, I did not mislead him; he was far astray."

Atawasaw bihi bal hum qawmun taghoonaاتواصوا به بل هم قوم طاغون
[YA]: Is this the legacy they have transmitted, one to another? Nay, they are themselves a people transgressing beyond bounds!

[RK]:Did they make an agreement with each other? Indeed, they are transgressors.

Am ta/muruhum ahlamuhum bihathaam hum qawmun taghoonaام تامرهم احلامهم بهذا ام هم