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Wa-in taAAjab faAAajabun qawluhum a-ithakunna turaban a-inna lafee khalqin jadeedinola-ika allatheena kafaroo birabbihim waola-ikaal-aghlalu fee aAAnaqihim waola-ika as-habualnnari hum feeha khalidoonaوان تعجب فعجب قولهم ءاذا كنا ترابا ائنا لفي خلق جديد اولئك الذين كفروا بربهم واولئك الاغلال في اعناقهم واولئك اصحاب النار هم فيها خالدون
[YA]: If thou dost marvel (at their want of faith), strange is their saying: "When we are (actually) dust, shall we indeed then be in a creation renewed?" They are those who deny their Lord! They are those round whose necks will be yokes (of servitude): they will be Companions of the Fire, to dwell therein (for aye)!

[RK]:If you ever wonder, the real wonder is their saying: "After we turn into dust, do we get recreated anew?" These are the ones who have disbelieved in their Lord. These are the ones who have incurred shackles around their necks. These are the ones who have incurred Hell, wherein they abide forever.

Alam tara anna Allaha khalaqa alssamawatiwaal-arda bialhaqqi in yasha/ yuthhibkumwaya/ti bikhalqin jadeedin الم تر ان الله خلق السماوات والارض بالحق ان يشا يذهبكم ويات بخلق جديد
[YA]: Seest thou not that Allah created the heavens and the earth in Truth? If He so will, He can remove you and put (in your place) a new creation?

[RK]:Do you not realize that GOD has created the heavens and the earth for a specific purpose? If He wills, He can remove you, and substitute a new creation in your place.

Waqaloo a-itha kunnaAAithaman warufatan a-innalamabAAoothoona khalqan jadeedanوقالوا ءاذا كنا عظاما ورفاتا ائنا لمبعوثون خلقا جديدا
[YA]: They say: "What! when we are reduced to bones and dust, should we really be raised up (to be) a new creation?"

[RK]:They said, "After we turn into bones and fragments, we get resurrected anew?!"

Thalika jazaohum bi-annahumkafaroo bi-ayatina waqaloo a-ithakunna AAithaman warufatana-inna lamabAAoothoona khalqan jadeedanذلك جزاؤهم بانهم كفروا باياتنا وقالوا ءاذا كنا عظاما ورفاتا ائنا لمبعوثون خلقا جديدا
[YA]: That is their recompense, because they rejected Our signs, and said, "When we are reduced to bones and broken dust, should we really be raised up (to be) a new Creation?"

[RK]:Such is their just retribution, since they rejected our revelations. They said, "After we turn into bones and fragments, do we get resurrected into a new creation?"

Waqaloo a-itha dalalnafee al-ardi a-inna lafee khalqin jadeedin bal humbiliqa-i rabbihim kafiroonaوقالوا ءاذا ضللنا في الارض ائنا لفي خلق جديد بل هم بلقاء ربهم كافرون
[YA]: And they say: "What! when we lie, hidden and lost, in the earth, shall we indeed be in a Creation renewed? Nay, they deny the Meeting with their Lord.

[RK]:They wonder, "After we vanish into the earth, do we get created anew?" Thus, as regards meeting their Lord, they are disbelievers.

Waqala allatheena kafaroo halnadullukum AAala rajulin yunabbi-okum ithamuzziqtum kulla mumazzaqin innakum lafee khalqin jadeedinوقال الذين كفروا هل ندلكم علي رجل ينبئكم اذا مزقتم كل ممزق انكم لفي خلق جديد
[YA]: The Unbelievers say (in ridicule): "Shall we point out to you a man that will tell you, when ye are all scattered to pieces in disintegration, that ye shall (then be raised) in a New Creation?

[RK]:Those who disbelieve have said, "Let us show you a man who tells you that after you are torn apart you will be created anew.

In yasha/ yuthhibkum waya/tibikhalqin jadeedinان يشا يذهبكم ويات بخلق جديد
[YA]: If He so pleased, He could blot you out and bring in a New Creation.

[RK]:If He wills, He can get rid of you and substitute a new creation.

Alam tara anna Allaha anzala mina alssama-imaan faakhrajna bihi thamaratin mukhtalifanalwanuha wamina aljibali judadun beedunwahumrun mukhtalifun alwanuha wagharabeebusoodunالم تر ان الله انزل من السماء ماء فاخرجنا به ثمرات مختلفا الوانها ومن الجبال جدد بيض وحمر مختلف الوانها وغرابيب سود
[YA]: Seest thou not that Allah sends down rain from the sky? With it We then bring out produce of various colours. And in the mountains are tracts white and red, of various shades of colour, and black intense in hue.

[RK]:Do you not realize that GOD sends down from the sky water, whereby we produce fruits of various colors? Even the mountains have different colors; the peaks are white, or red, or some other color. And the ravens are black.

AfaAAayeena bialkhalqial-awwali bal hum fee labsin min khalqin jadeedinافعيينا بالخلق الاول بل هم في لبس من خلق جديد
[YA]: Were We then weary with the first Creation, that they should be in confused doubt about a new Creation?

[RK]:Were we too burdened by the first creation? Is this why they doubt resurrection?

Waannahu taAAala jaddu rabbinama ittakhatha sahibatan wala waladanوانه تعالي جد ربنا مااتخذ صاحبة ولا ولدا
[YA]: 'And Exalted is the Majesty of our Lord: He has taken neither a wife nor a son.

[RK]:" `The Most High is our only Lord. He never had a mate, nor a son.

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