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WawudiAAa alkitabu fataraalmujrimeena mushfiqeena mimma feehi wayaqooloona yawaylatana ma lihatha alkitabi layughadiru sagheeratan wala kabeeratan illaahsaha wawajadoo ma AAamiloo hadiranwala yathlimu rabbuka ahadanووضع الكتاب فتري المجرمين مشفقين مما فيه ويقولون ياويلتنا مال هذا الكتاب لايغادر صغيرة ولاكبيرة الا احصاها ووجدوا ماعملوا حاضرا ولايظلم ربك احدا
[YA]: And the Book (of Deeds) will be placed (before you); and thou wilt see the sinful in great terror because of what is (recorded) therein; they will say, "Ah! woe to us! what a Book is this! It leaves out nothing small or great, but takes account thereof!" They will find all that they did, placed before them: And not one will thy Lord treat with injustice.

[RK]:The record will be shown, and you will see the guilty fearful of its contents. They will say, "Woe to us. How come this book leaves nothing, small or large, without counting it?" They will find everything they had done brought forth. Your Lord is never unjust towards anyone.

YaAAlamu ma bayna aydeehim wamakhalfahum wala yashfaAAoona illa limani irtadawahum min khashyatihi mushfiqoonaيعلم مابين ايديهم وماخلفهم ولايشفعون الا لمن ارتضي وهم من خشيته مشفقون
[YA]: He knows what is before them, and what is behind them, and they offer no intercession except for those who are acceptable, and they stand in awe and reverence of His (Glory).

[RK]:He knows their future and their past. They do not intercede, except for those already accepted by Him, and they are worried about their own necks.

Allatheena yakhshawna rabbahum bialghaybiwahum mina alssaAAati mushfiqoonaالذين يخشون ربهم بالغيب وهم من الساعة مشفقون
[YA]: Those who fear their Lord in their most secret thoughts, and who hold the Hour (of Judgment) in awe.

[RK]:The ones who reverence their Lord, even when alone in their privacy, and they worry about the Hour.

Inna allatheena hum min khashyatirabbihim mushfiqoonaان الذين هم من خشية ربهم مشفقون
[YA]: Verily those who live in awe for fear of their Lord;

[RK]:Surely, those who are reverently conscious of their Lord,

Inna AAaradna al-amanataAAala alssamawati waal-ardiwaaljibali faabayna an yahmilnahawaashfaqna minha wahamalaha al-insanuinnahu kana thalooman jahoolanانا عرضنا الامانة علي السماوات والارض والجبال فابين ان يحملنها واشفقن منها وحملها الانسان انه كان ظلوما جهولا
[YA]: We did indeed offer the Trust to the Heavens and the Earth and the Mountains; but they refused to undertake it, being afraid thereof: but man undertook it;- He was indeed unjust and foolish;-

[RK]:We have offered the responsibility (freedom of choice) to the heavens and the earth, and the mountains, but they refused to bear it, and were afraid of it. But the human being accepted it; he was transgressing, ignorant.

YastaAAjilu biha allatheena layu/minoona biha waallatheena amanoomushfiqoona minha wayaAAlamoona annaha alhaqquala inna allatheena yumaroona fee alssaAAatilafee dalalin baAAeedinيستعجل بها الذين لايؤمنون بها والذين امنوا مشفقون منها ويعلمون انها الحق الا ان الذين يمارون في الساعة لفي ضلال بعيد
[YA]: Only those wish to hasten it who believe not in it: those who believe hold it in awe, and know that it is the Truth. Behold, verily those that dispute concerning the Hour are far astray.

[RK]:Challenging it are those who do not believe in it. As for those who believe, they are concerned about it, and they know that it is the truth. Absolutely, those who deny the Hour have gone far astray.

Tara alththalimeenamushfiqeena mimma kasaboo wahuwa waqiAAun bihim waallatheenaamanoo waAAamiloo alssalihati fee rawdatialjannati lahum ma yashaoona AAinda rabbihimthalika huwa alfadlu alkabeeruتري الظالمين مشفقين مما كسبوا وهو واقع بهم والذين امنوا وعملوا الصالحات في روضات الجنات لهم مايشاؤون عند ربهم ذلك هو الفضل الكبير
[YA]: Thou wilt see the Wrong-doers in fear on account of what they have earned, and (the burden of) that must (necessarily) fall on them. But those who believe and work righteous deeds will be in the luxuriant meads of the Gardens: they shall have, before their Lord, all that they wish for. That will indeed be the magnificent Bounty (of Allah).

[RK]:You will see the transgressors worried about everything they had committed; everything will come back and haunt them. As for those who believed and led a righteous life, they will be in the gardens of Paradise. They will receive whatever they wish from their Lord. This is the great blessing.

Qaloo inna kunna qablufee ahlina mushfiqeenaقالوا انا كنا قبل في اهلنا مشفقين
[YA]: They will say: "Aforetime, we were not without fear for the sake of our people.

[RK]:They will say, "We used to be kind and humble among our people.

Aashfaqtum an tuqaddimoo bayna yaday najwakumsadaqatin fa-ith lam tafAAaloo watabaAllahu AAalaykum faaqeemoo alssalatawaatoo alzzakata waateeAAoo Allahawarasoolahu waAllahu khabeerun bimataAAmaloonaءاشفقتم ان تقدموا بين يدي نجواكم صدقات فاذ لم تفعلوا وتاب الله عليكم فاقيموا الصلاة واتوا الزكاة واطيعوا الله ورسوله والله خبير بما تعملون
[YA]: Is it that ye are afraid of spending sums in charity before your private consultation (with him)? If, then, ye do not so, and Allah forgives you, then (at least) establish regular prayer; practise regular charity; and obey Allah and His Messenger. And Allah is well-acquainted with all that ye do.

[RK]:If you failed to give to charity before conferring, then repented thereafter, GOD accepts your repentance. You shall observe the contact prayers (Salat), give the obligatory charity (Zakat), and obey GOD and His messenger. GOD is fully Cognizant of everything you do.

Waallatheena hum min AAathabirabbihim mushfiqoonaوالذين هم من عذاب ربهم مشفقون
[YA]: And those who fear the displeasure of their Lord,-

[RK]:They reverence their Lord's requital.

Fala oqsimu bialshshafaqiفلا اقسم بالشفق
[YA]: So I do call to witness the ruddy glow of Sunset;

[RK]:I solemnly swear by the rosy dusk.

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